The best cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to

There is something for everybody in Nevada. It has an attractive climate and charming cities. And its tax policy is unique. This article will list and shortly describe the best cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to and help you decide which one is the most suitable for you. There aren’t many states that offer such a vast number of options as Nevada does. Its most famous city is the big urban city of Las Vegas known for its nightlife and casinos. Yet it contains a variety of small family-friendly cities that are located mostly in its vicinity. Whether you like living in an urban environment or the suburbs, Nevada has it all! The best ones are located in the very south of the state, all of them having qualities of their own. Each of them has something unique to offer and we’re here to tell you all about them.

The four best cities in Nevada to move to

We prepared a list of the four best cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to down below. Moving can be hard, but if you know what are you looking for and have the right movers it can be a piece of cake.

  • North Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Summerlin
  • Las Vegas

After you decide on the location, our moving company will do the rest for you!

1. North Las Vegas

The city of North Las Vegas offers everything a city would, but it still has that suburban feeling that many people are looking for. It is a whole separate city from Las Vegas, and it contains a whole original set of qualities. Its prime attraction is Las Vegas Motor Speedway so if you are a race cars fan it will make a fun activity for the weekends. It’s also a home for Electric Daisy Festival held in May each year.

Sign located in North Las Vegas
Make sure the location suits you

Don’t get the impression that it’s just fast-paced and urban. Lake Mead and Mt. Charleston are just minutes away. In conclusion, it offers both urban and suburban qualities. Whether you want to spend time in nature, or the city, you can always switch your environment in North Las Vegas. After you’ve chosen the right neighborhood for you within it, all that’s left is to hire a good moving company North Las Vegas that will do the moving part for you. Choosing North Las Vegas is an excellent choice if you want to live in an urban environment but still not far from the suburbs.

2. Henderson

Henderson NV is a city located just south of Las Vegas, an excellent choice for families because of its suburban nature. It surrounds the northern side of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. Right next to the city is the famous Lake Las Vegas where many fun events are held throughout the year. Moving here would be a great choice if you have a family and here are moving companies Henderson NV that will help you do it. Henderson has the most options regarding the nature of all the cities mentioned here so it’s the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Most known events held here are B.A.S.S. Nation  and Lake Las Vegas Golf & Food Festival, just an example of many activities available here. Since it’s always sunny in Nevada, these activities are available all year long.  The city is a tiny bit further away from Las Vegas than the rest of the cities mentioned here, so it has a bit more suburban feeling than the rest of them. Summary: Henderson has a bit bigger suburban vibe to it than the rest of the cities mentioned on this list, but still contains urban aspects that make it a suitable city for both families and single people.

Sign at the entrance of Las Vegas
Find out what facilities are located in the city you want to move to; after all, these are the cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to, so you are moving to unfamiliar territory

3. Summerlin

Summerlin is one of Las Vegas’ newer neighboring cities located west of the city itself. It’s largely a residential neighborhood so its lifestyle is a bit different from the rest of Las Vegas suburbs. Since it’s close to Las Vegas you can always enjoy the urban aspects of the city. The Red Rock National Conservation Area is just west of Summerlin, therefore you are always close to nature. These are some of the obvious reasons why most people decided to live here.

The city is well organized and officially ranked as one of the top cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to. There are also reliable Summerlin movers in the area that are always available to assist you in your moving. Similar to Henderson, except their location is on the opposite sides of Las Vegas and of course, Summerlin is a bit more organized and closer to the city center. It’s a great option for people that enjoy living in suburbs but like having a big city nearby.

4. Las Vegas

The biggest city in Nevada and certainly the most famous one, home of the world’s most famous casinos and a place that offers unlimited activities. This is just a short description of Las Vegas, but you get the point. Las Vegas is the definition of the urban lifestyle and an excellent option for those that enjoy a such way of living. City infrastructure varies from residential neighborhoods to skyscraper-filled city center, so it provides many living options. Of course, moving here means having to experience the lush nightlife daily, but that’s just a part of Las Vegas lifestyle.

With the right moving services Las Vegas, you will make yourself at home in no time. Contrary to what you would expect, traffic isn’t too bad, so traveling across the city is pretty easy. Since there’s always something fun to do, living here is great for younger generations. Also, if you are looking for a place to start your business, look no further because Las Vegas is a place just for you.

Choosing between cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to

There is something for everyone in Nevada, especially in the city of Las Vegas and its surrounding cities. Out of many available options, there will be a suitable place for you and our movers are here to help you out. Upon deciding on the location of your new home, all that’s left is determining small details.

Downtown Las Vegas
Take your time when choosing the right city

These were the cities in Nevada for foreigners to move to and their descriptions. Make sure you choose the city that suits your lifestyle the best and the location closest to your everyday activities. If they all sound good to you should try contacting our experienced movers, who may be able to provide you with additional information. Best of luck with your move!

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