Choose the right size of moving boxes with ease

When you are moving, you have to pack your items, find the best movers Boulder City NV, organize everything, and survive the whole ordeal. Since packing is the biggest moving task you will have to do, you should prepare well in advance. In order to protect your items, you have to get dozens of sturdy moving boxes. However, choosing the right size of moving boxes can be challenging. For this reason, here is a guide for you to follow when choosing your boxes. You can make a plan and organize your packing according to your boxes.

small boxes on the white surface
Small boxes are perfect for book-sized items

Size of moving boxes – 1.5 and 3.0 cubic feet boxes 

You can get boxes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. However, this is not really helpful since you need the right measurement. For this reason, let’s start with a 1.5 cubic feet box. Also known as the small box, you can fit inside smaller items. These can include books, small appliances, lamps, and fragile items. The 1.5 cubic feet boxes can carry up to 60 pounds. However, you should not go over 50 since your box might break due to weight. In addition to this, 3.0 cubic feet box is a little bit bigger. You can pack your clothes and smaller electronics. Pots and pans can fit inside as well. These boxes can carry up to 65 pounds. Again, do not overload it. You can always ask LV movers for some suggestions regarding the right size of moving boxes and their contents. 

4.5 and 6.0 cubic feet moving boxes 

Judging by the number, you can clearly tell that these boxes are bigger than the previous ones. 4.0 cubic feet boxes are quite large. You can put inside larger kitchen appliances, lamps, linens, and similar items. However, one thing is the same. 4.5 cubic feet boxes can only carry up to 65 pounds. For this reason, be careful when packing your items. In order to reduce the level of stress you might experience, you can use even bigger boxes. 6.0 cubic feet boxes can hold pillows, toys and couch cushions. In addition to this, they can carry up to 70 pounds. Lastly, there are 6.1 cubic feet boxes where you can put blankets and comforters. Keep in mind that you can use these for different items. The items mentioned here are just given to demonstrate the size of the moving boxes. 

a dog in the box
You can fit big items into large size boxes

Specialized types 

Sometimes, you need specialized moving boxes. These are the following. 

  • Wardrobe boxes – for hanging clothes, shoes, belts, and purses. 
  • Kitchen boxes – you can put glasses, dishes, and China. In addition to this, make sure to wrap these fragile items into protective materials. 
  • Picture boxes – as the label suggests, you can use them for artwork and mirrors. 
  • TV boxes – perfect for flat-screen TVs. You should get the custom made one for your TV. 
  • Lamp boxes – if you have tall or uniquely shaped items, use lamp boxes. 
  • Office boxes – for all your important documents. You should keep this box close to you. 

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