Best Plants for Your Henderson NV Home

The moving process tends to be very exhausting in most cases. Both for you, and your household movers Las Vegas who always do their best to provide great service for their customers. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to be completed. You might have spent a few days or even weeks moving to your new home in Henderson. Sounds quite tiring, doesn’t it? This is why you need to create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your family. One of the ways to do that is by making indoor plants a part of your home. Not only are they a good decoration, but they also have positive effects on your health and the overall atmosphere. Whether you are a plant lover or not – at least give it a try. So, let’s take a look at some of the best plants for your Henderson NV home.

What are the benefits of having indoor plants in your home?

In this time and age, most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency – that would be about 90% of the time. This is something that happens due to various reasons- working from home, parenting, or maybe you just like spending your time at home, especially after moving. It’s true that your local movers Las Vegas helped you move easily, but you still need some rest. However, as good as it feels to be in the comfort of your home most of the time – it’s not very healthy. It’s scientifically proven that being in touch with nature:

  • reduces stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • improves both our mental and physical health
a green plant in a white ceramic pot, which is one of the best plants for your Henderson NV home
Having plants in your home has both mental and physical health benefits

While some people have a chance to improve their quality of life by spending more time outside – for many people it’s a luxury. If you fall into this second category – Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas think you should consider getting some indoor plants for your Henderson NV home. When you can’t go outside, simply create a similar environment inside! You might not realize the importance and benefits of spending time outside until you decide to change things up a bit in your life. 

What plants to pick for your Henderson NV home?

Now that you know the benefits of having plants in your Henderson NV home, we are here to help you choose some that suit your needs best. When choosing plants for your home, you should consider things like your experience with taking care of them, whether you are allergic to any, their size and whether they can fit into your interior, etc. Let’s take a look!

String of hearts – one of the ideal plants for your Henderson NV home

Let’s say you just moved to Henderson with movers Henderson NV and you are new to this whole thing. In that case string of hearts is probably an ideal choice for you. We say this because you are not used to taking care of plants, so you might often forget to give your plant all the attention it needs.

string of hearts plant in a white pot on a pink background
String of hearts is very low maintenance, so it’s very easy to take care of

String of hearts is highly tolerant and not demanding at all. Its heart-shaped grey leaves with a pink undertone will surely contribute to the overall beauty of your interior. These can reach the length of fascinating 2 meters, so they might find their place on one of your shelves or windows. As for the temperature, this one will be fine at most room temperature. The only thing you need to avoid is direct exposure to the sun. It likes moisture, so make sure to water it from time to time – but don’t overdo it. 

Tip: Spraying the leaves with water and leaving it out on the window for a couple of hours will give it that extra shine.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is simply made for people who have a minimalistic look for their home in mind. It’s one of the most popular indoor plants because of how simple, but elegant it looks. White tear-shaped leaves are what gives it such a great look that can fit into different aesthetics so effortlessly. You’re probably asking how to take care of it? Peace Lily requires regular watering and good maintenance, which may seem like a problem for people who consider themselves to be kind of forgetful. But don’t worry, if you are one of them and still want to own one of these – your Peace Lily will tell you when it needs water, just look out for the drooped leaves and you’ll know. For extra shine, you can place the plant next to your shower or spray the leaves with water.

What are the ideal conditions for taking care of your Peace Lily? Place your plant in a bright room with lots of light so you can maintain that beautiful deep green color of its leaves. But don’t forget – no direct exposure to the sunlight. As for the temperature, the ideal one would be around 64-75℉.

a person wearing gardening gloves holding a clay pot
Keep your Peace Lily in a bright spot, but keep it away from direct sunlight


This term is used for those plants that have changed their shape and structure over time. The result of these changes is a variety of beautiful plants that come in so many interesting and unusual shapes. Not only that, but they are considered to be very resistant, and you can easily grow them. To make these look effective, it’s the best to keep them grouped together in individual pots.

You can combine various shapes, sizes and colors however you want. Those shelves that moving services Las Vegas helped you move? A few succulents would be a perfect decoration for them. You can also place them on your window or wherever you feel would look good with the other plants you chose for your Henderson NV home. Unlike the previous plants we’ve listed, these plants love bright and sunny spots. Humid areas are something you should avoid with these and keep them somewhere dry. Before you water them, makes sure the soil is dry after the previous watering in order to take good care of your succulents. Some of the most popular plants from this group that are very easy to find are sedum, lithops, and haworthia.

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