Best places in Nevada for an active retirement

Retirement is a time of life that most people wait for. After a long life of working and stress, it is time to relax. Some people see it as a time to rest, while others dread the fact that they are getting old. Many people decide to downsize and move in this period of life. It is understandable, that you might not be able or simply don’t want to work anymore. And a big home means a lot of work. Moving is also a lot of work, but if you hire some North Las Vegas movers, you won’t have to lift a finger. But what place are you supposed to move to? If you are thinking about Nevada, we will give you a list of places in Nevada for an active retirement.

What are some of the best places in Nevada for an active retirement?

Nevada as a state has many benefits to it. There are also many places in Nevada for an active retirement. This is because this state has a warm climate and plenty of outdoor recreational options. If you want to move to this state, we recommend doing it with some movers Paradise NV. Some of the most desirable cities to live in are:

  • Mesquite
  • Boulder City
  • Reno
Picture of a man running
Life in Nevada is full of benefits


Mesquite is like a paradise for retired people. After leaving your workplace, you might feel lonely. You won’t have to worry about this when you move to Mesquite with the help of some moving services Las Vegas. Close to 50% of the population in this place are people above 65 years. This will make you feel accepted and good about yourself. It is also a very tax-friendly place, with plenty of recreational options. Since seniors care about their health, you will be happy to hear that there is a hospital and a few medical complexes here.

Boulder City

If you are someone who enjoys golf, you will be happy to hear that this city has a few golf courses. Boulder City also has a lot of retired people living within its borders. The location is one of the biggest perks of this city. Just 20 miles from Vegas, it offers plenty of opportunities for being active. If you don’t like going to Vegas, there are also plenty of things to do in Boulder City as well.


With a population of around 256,000 residents, this place is the biggest on the list. 15% of the population in Reno are people above the age of 65. All these seniors live here because it is one of the most popular cities in Northern Nevada. There are many activities you can enjoy here, like skiing, golfing or hiking. And with so many people living and moving here with the help of some residential movers Las Vegas you will swiftly make new friends your age after relocation.

Senior couple enjoying one of the best places in Nevada for an active retirement
Reno is the biggest place on the list

Conclusion on the best places in Nevada for an active retirement

Now that you know what the best places in Nevada for an active retirement are, you can start planning your new hobbies. An active retirement might seem impossible in the place where you live now, but it is a reality in Nevada. All you need to do is discover your neighborhood and see what there is that you can do. We wish you good luck!

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