Best Las Vegas Halloween parties and events to check out

With the Halloween night approaching and you find yourself in the great city of LA, you might just want to find out Las Vegas Halloween parties and events you could visit. Well, you are in luck. We picked 5 just for you! Be sure to check them out. They all promise a lot of spooky fun for you on this Halloween night!

5 Las Vegas Halloween parties and events to go to

If you just finished relocating to Las Vegas, in time for the scariest night of the year, you are in luck. We compiled them for you! All you have to:

silhouette of the witch on the broom
Take your broom and let’s go!
  • Have a great costume (to events where that is allowed), because what’s the point in Las Vegas Halloween parties and events if you are not the star of the show?
  • Furthermore, be ready for some trick or treating. You can’t really ever get too old for that. Just be sure to do it at an appropriate hour.
  • And, finally, be ready to have a great time and meet awesome people. That is what great holidays like Halloween are all about… well that and the witches and pumpkins, you know…

Oktober Fright Fest

First and foremost ( and scariest) you have the haunted house mass experience of the Oktober Fright Fest. Beware! This is not for those lighthearted souls. No joke! You will even find that kids younger than 13 are not allowed in. Also, wearing any kind of costume is not permitted on this particular event!

Pirate Ship Haunted Experience

On Thursday, October 24th, and Friday, October 25th, from 19:00 to 20:30h you will be able to bring your kids to the lake for a “spooktacular adventure

Pirate Ship Haunted Experience
We can’t really promise a haunted adventure on the high seas of the Pacific, but with all the party and light effects – who cares?!

Costumes are welcomed aboard! There are even prizes! Space is limited so be sure to jump on deck!

Downtown Summerlin Parade Of Mischief

Want a family-friendly parade? Well, if the best moving companies Las Vegas relocated you anywhere near downtown Summerlin, you should go to the streets. You will see wizards, witches, ghosts, and zombies with some rather lively dancing skills. Not to mention spooky (scary) skeletons with a band. It starts at 7 pm every Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss it. Park Centre Drive at Downtown Summerlin!

Zombie Burlesque at V Theater

Want to see a good show? Call 1-866-932-1818 and get group reservations for you and your friends to V Theater Zombie burlesque! It is happening all throughout the month and well into November! There truly is no good reason to miss it!

Halloween Ghost Walk

With October coming to a close, be sure to buy your ticket to the Haunted Hollywood tour. It is a shocking world of spirits that cannot find peace, unresolved mysteries, and scandals that still shock. See you at American Ghost Walks!

In conclusion

So what are you waiting for? Find your courage and go to Las Vegas Halloween parties and events! You will have a great time for sure!


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