Best cities in NV to start a family

Finding the perfect city of your young family in Nevada will not be such a difficult endeavor. For one, you have stumbled upon this list, and in it, you will find all the cities you should take into consideration. And, once you make your pick, all it takes is to call for Nevada movers to help you relocate to your dream town. So, let’s get straight to that list of the best cities in NV to start a family.

A list of best cities in NV to start a family

1. Elko

Elko is quite a prosperous city, with its economy resting on tourism, ranching, and gold-mining industries. The latter is particularly responsible for the rapid growth of the area. However, while the gold boom may have caught some off guard, the local government practices financial prudence. It deposits funds in a reserve so as to protect the economy against any busts. As you can imagine, having a stable economy is great for someone who plans on starting a family. Not only does the gold boom bring money, but this smart planning is also protecting existing jobs for young families.

A mom and a dad holding their kid by the hands
Elko is a great city for starting your family.

2. Sparks

This city is rather big on family fun, making it one of the best cities in NV to start a family. It hosts amazing events that you will all enjoy throughout the year, some of which include:

  • a balloon race that brings balloonists from all around the country
  • rides that tend to inspire competitors both young and old
  • an annual rib-off that brings barbecue pros to Victorian Square every year

Sparks itself is growing rather rapidly. Some estimations suggest that it will count 133,600 residents by 2030.

3. Boulder City

Boulder City was built with the intent of housing construction workers on the Hoover Dam. Ever since its beginning back in 1959, this city has managed to carve out a space and character of its own, including an emphasis on high academic standards. If education is something that can have an effect on your decision, know that Boulder City is definitely the one to consider. Especially as schools across the nation reel from Common Core (a significantly more rigorous model for standardized tests), Boulder City High School students have performed so well that they nearly doubled the state’s average pass rate. It is important nothing that schools try to serve its students well after they leave too. Namely, Boulder City High offers nine different scholarships to graduating seniors. And if that wasn’t enough, there are some amazing movers Boulder City NV prides itself in that can help you with your relocation.

4. Henderson

Founded in the 1950s, Henderson is now the second most populous city in the state of Nevada. Merely 18 miles part it from the glowing lights of Las Vegas. Still, Henderson has something of its own to boast about. To name a few, there are the master-planned housing communities, amazing family recreation facilities like the Multigenerational Facility, the largest outdoor amphitheater in Nevada. Let’s not forget the annual calendar of enriching cultural events like Shakespeare in the Park. Henderson is also home to Nevada State College as well as Roseman University of Health Sciences.

A family having a picnic
Henderson is great for some outdoor family fun.

5. Gardnerville

When speaking of the best cities in NV to start a family, one has to mention Gardnerville. Young families here have access to a truly amazing education. For one, Carson Valley Middle School earned a perfect rating from Great Schools. The Nevada Department of Education awarded it with five out of five stars for students’ performance on standardized tests. So, if you want to give your kid the best starting point when it comes to education advancements, this might just be the town to start your young family in.

6. Spring Creek

Taking up the beautiful spot in the valley between Elko Hills and the towering Ruby Mountains, Spring Creek has a fast growing community. Since its inception in the early 1970s, it rose from 5,000 residents in 1990, to almost 14,000 in 2020. Schooling system is praiseworthy, as the local high school received accolades for its agricultural program, further winning honors from the National Association of Agricultural Educators.

7. Carson City

If you are looking for a city where you can both work and play, give Carson City a thought. This small metro area borders Lake Tahoe, the perfect spot for families to ski or boat on the weekends. There is also a growing school district that was awarded a $10 million prize, enabling it to reform and innovate. Whilst this is great news for your kids, it is not like you yourself won’t have anything to look forward to when moving here. Namely, there are great opportunities for advancement fro you as well. Western Nevada College’s main campus is in Carson City. It serves its full-time students as well as the surrounding community. What is great about it are its adult-learning programs, some of which include the Adult Literacy and Language program. It is offered free of charge to adults who want to learn the skills allowing them to transition into a for-credit college.

8. Dayton

If you are looking for a city to escape the hustle and the bustle of city life, see whether Dayton is your size. It is a small, quiet town, removed from the noise and still adjacent to Carson City, being just down the road from Lake Tahoe. Dayton residents take great comfort in their town’s natural beauty and rural feel. If this seems like your cup of tea, I highly suggest you give Dayton a try, as it perfectly makes up for the inactive nightlife with its beautiful mountain vistas.

A father holding his young kid on his shoulders
If you enjoy your peace and quiet, as well as the view, Dayton might just be for you.

9. Gardnerville Ranchos

Finally, one of the cities in NV to start a family in has to be Gardnerville Ranchos. It is located just across the mountains from Lake Tahoe, 21 miles south of Carson City, at the foot of the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you are looking for recreational opportunities for your family, from backpacking to frolicking on the lake to horseback riding, the Gardnerville Ranchos landscape will deliver.

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