5 things to love about Reno

One of the hardest jobs in life might be preparing for a move. You will have to juggle daily obligations, job, family life while finding movers and comparing moving quotes Las Vegas. After preparing your move for months and stressing over every detail, you can hardly look forward to living in the new city. That’s such a shame, especially if you are moving to Reno. There are a lot of things to love about Reno that will make your fatigue from moving quickly disappear. In recent years, people from big cities are slowly finding their forever homes in smaller cities like Reno. The growing popularity can be explained by affordable housing, job opportunities, and better quality of life. Additionally, you will be surrounded by fresh air, nature, and great outdoor activities. You will feel like you are on holiday that never ends. 

What are the things to love about Reno? 

Reno is located in Nevada along the Nevada-California border. It is also known as “The Biggest Little City in the World“. The most lucrative business is casino and tourism, but you can find a job in tech giants like Tesla, Google, and Apple. There is no income tax which makes this city very business-friendly so you can look forward to expanding your job in this city. Moving to Reno with Triple 7 movers can bring you benefits like:

  • Tax benefits 
  • Lake Tahoe 
  • University of Nevada 
  • Recreation 
  • Affordable housing options 

One of the biggest benefits of living in Reno is its proximity to Lake TahoeLake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located between California and Nevada. This lake is described as the most beautiful lake in the country and it’s just 30 minutes ride from Reno. You can enjoy different types of outdoor activities every weekend such as water sports, motorcycling, hiking, and bicycling. 

things to love about Reno would be the proximity to the lake
Lake Tahoe would be extremely close to you if you move to Reno

Cost of living, lifestyle, and weather 

If you are going to live in Reno, you can expect sunny days 80 percent of the time. This could be either a good or bad thing. You will have great weather to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities but also you will have to prepare for moving in the heat 

The economy is currently flourishing and no income tax certainly helps with that. Additionally, Reno is more affordable than larger cities which is perfect for young couples looking to start a family. Also, you can enjoy the beauty of local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. For this reason, you should start planning your move with movers Las Vegas to Reno now. 

Reno during the night
It is interesting to live in Reno

You should learn how to ski  

Almost twenty ski resorts are located near Reno. This means you will be enjoying winter spots whenever you like. If you don’t know how to ski, this is your sign to learn it. Also, you can enjoy kayaking and whitewater rafting. What makes Reno so special is its proximity to rivers, mountains, deserts, and lakes. So, you can try and do almost every outdoor sport that you want. These are just a few things to love about Reno. There are also many more that you should be experiencing and not just reading about. 

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