5 Home improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas

Lots of seniors like the convenience and relaxed lifestyle of assisted living communities. However, many people would like to age in place, in their established homes and neighborhoods they’re familiar with. There is a lot to learn about ways to make your home more aging-friendly. But before you start looking for Las Vegas movers prices, keep reading to find out what home improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas.


Flooring is an important home improvement seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas. The first thing you need to do is to evaluate your home’s existing floors. If you have an old saggy carpet, Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas suggest swapping it with a carpet with a shorter nap. There are fewer chances of tripping on shorter-nap carpeting. Also, if you navigate your home with a wheelchair or a walker, it’s more suitable. Parquet, laminate, laminate, as well as vinyl floors, are smoother than the carpet and also better for wheelchair maneuvering. However, they are also more slippery compared to carpeting. People usually utilize throw rugs on this flooring, so make sure to either get rid of them or securely tape them down so you don’t fall or trip.

Floor with tools on it
Flooring is one of the most important home improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas.

Door knobs and faucets

If you have arthritis, you should know that knobs need a twisting movement, and this can cause problems. However, you can change a lever-style door knob out and slightly decrease the difficulty of use. You can find a couple of faucet options that decrease the needed reaching distance. This can lessen your back’s strain. Lever-style knobs are easier to grip compared to round knobs because they don’t need a twisting movement. This can help quite a bit for those who have arthritis. Touchless faucets are a good upgrade because they turn on and off work with just a wave of the hand. You can put these on your own or hire someone to help you.

Safe stairs are one of the most important improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas

If you have more than one floor in your home, stairs can be quite hazardous. If possible, make sure to have handrails on both sides of the staircase. In addition, lighting is also important, so be sure the entire stairway has good lighting from top to bottom. Having clearly defined steps that show where the end of the tread is can prevent falling.

Make sure to have handrails on your staircase as well as good lighting.


If you have balance issues on your feet or are unsteady, exterior stairs may be a challenge for you. So installing ramps is one of the most important home improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas. It’s worth the price to give you better independence. Licensed professionals are trained in installing and building ramps for the proper rise and height for seniors. Also, these indoor ramps are a necessary home improvement if you get around your home with a wheelchair.

They give you smooth transitions from surface to surface, making it easier to navigate the house. They are made out of rubber, which means they’re easily adaptable to accommodate the step that is needed for the transition. In addition to these, there are also temporary, mobile ramps you can buy. You can install these all by yourself. Another way to have better stair safety in your house is to just add traction tape to elevated walking surfaces and stairs.

Raise your outlets and lower the switches

There isn’t a height requirement when it comes to electrical outlets or switches in most houses in the United States. Actually, outlets are often put at a height equal to the hammer’s length. The reason for this is that it saves measuring time in the construction process. What you can do is raise your outlets to 18″. This way they will be easier to reach while sitting and standing. When it comes to light switch boxes, they are mostly put above 48″. If you lower the box below 48″ it’s going to make the switch easier to reach from a scooter or a wheelchair.

Bathroom improvements

Shower grab bars are a good way to make bathing safer. However, there are other ways to ensure safety in the bathroom. Senior movers suggest you add grab bars by the toilet as well, or any other place in the room where someone might need help. A tub is more dangerous than a step-in shower. However, if don’t have a step-in shower, make sure to add grab bars. Grabs will make it easier for you to get in and out. A removable showerhead is usually safer to use for a person who has limited mobility compared to a fixed showerhead.

Add shower grabs to make your bathing safer. In addition, replace a tub with a step-in shower if possible.

Final words

When it comes to home improvements seniors can tackle after moving to Vegas, the best thing to do is to think about all of the parts of your home that present the most danger. If there are things that are especially hard for you, such as reaching the countertops or light switches, modify them. If there are possible tripping or falling risks, improve them or take them out completely. Taking a proactive approach to improving your house means that you can live independently while your loved ones have peace of mind knowing you’re safe in your house.

While emphasizing safety improvements is essential, it’s equally critical not to neglect addressing foundational concerns that could compromise the structural soundness of the home. Companies offering Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa & Eastern Ontario offer vital remedies to prevent damage caused by moisture infiltration, thus ensuring the property’s durability and strength over time. By adopting a strategic approach and implementing proactive measures, seniors can uphold their independence and relish a secure and cozy living space in their Vegas residences.

So before moving to Las Vegas and looking for moving services Las Vegas, make sure to use these home improvements. They will make your house, safe as well as suitable for day-to-day life. Everyone is going to be to live in a safe home. Your loved ones will be able to go to work outside without worrying much.

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