5 emergency move tasks you must complete on your moving day

Having that moving tasks and obligations that are not short in size or number prior to moving day, you are probably wondering what else is there to take care of. You can regard this day as the culmination of all the preparation that took place during the previous weeks. While your reliable movers Las Vegas generously provided will undoubtedly take care of the bulk of the work, there are still 5 emergency move tasks only you can and should take care of. And, that is what the following article will go into detail about.

5 emergency move tasks you need to take care of come moving day

While there will undoubtedly be plenty for you to do come moving day, we here have 5 emergency relocation tasks that will require your immediate attention.

A board with 3 out of 5 emergency move tasks

1. Have a strong breakfast

At this point, you probably think we are joking. Alas, we are serious. Moving day will be a long, hard, and arduous process that will take all of your energy and attention. With this in mind, you need to prepare for it head-on, and ensure you have enough energy. So, see that your first meal of the day has enough protein and carbs to keep you satiated and energized. If this means getting up half an hour early, so be it. Plan for this meal, or prepare it the night before. Relocation day really is the peak of the whole period that precedes it. That is why you should make sure that all goes well, at least on your part. And this is a great way to start a day of such importance.

2. Pack an essentials box

If you haven’t already, make sure that you pack an essentials box before your emergency movers Las Vegas arrives. It is the box that will contain all items necessary for a normal, everyday functioning for a first day or two in your new place. It ought to contain all that you may need regarding basic hygiene. This includes a bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a fresh towel for you and each member of your family. It also ought to have some bedding, as the home you are moving to will not welcome you with arms widespread. It would be wise to allocate a whole box that will contain all that a bed needs, including a pillow, blankets, and bedsheets. Just make sure to label it, as you surely want to be able to find it with greater ease.

Apart from taking care of hygiene and sleep, you will also want to eat something. While takeout is virtually a must come moving day, that is not to say you will live off it for the next two days. So, it would be wise that you pack some basic dishes and cooking tools in your essentials box. This will help you make something simple, yet much healthier and better than takeout.

3. Get ready to welcome your moving crew

While it is true that your moving crew will arrive to ensure every relocation need you have is catered to, that is not to say you should be unprepared for their arrival. It is a common courtesy, after all. Depending on the services they are providing, you should see to it that everything on your part of the deal is taken care of. So, if you were the one doing the packing, see that all the boxes indeed packed and sealed properly. Labeling them is also one of the emergency move tasks you need to take care of if you haven’t already. It is especially important that you mark all the boxes containing fragile goods.

A woman labeling a package
Do as much as you can before the movers arrive.

Another thing that is by no means a necessity but is always welcomed with a smile is refreshments. If you are moving during summertime, your moving crew will be most appreciative of some refreshing beverage and shade to cool off while they take breaks. And, if you are moving during winter, allocating one room where the heating should be on is a great way to think ahead. This can be the place where all of you can take a break and warm up.

Ideally, you want to see to it that everything you had to do is complete before your movers arrive. So, you can add on to the list of tasks accordingly. Just make sure not to leave everything for the last moment.

4. Make sure that all the paths are clean and unobstructed

This task correlates with the previous one. However, due to its importance, it deserves a special spot. Whether your movers will pack and move or just transport your goods, you should make sure to at least avoid making their job harder. That is to say, while help is often welcomed, it is not obligatory. Still, leaving all your things lying around is not the way to greet anyone, let alone the people who will be carrying heavy and bulky items. So, when speaking of the 5 emergency move tasks you need to take care of, one of the most important ones includes clearing up all the pathways that lead to the moving truck.

5. Clean your home

Lastly, when all of your goods have found their way to the moving truck, the time is right to clean the home you are leaving. While you can hire a professional service to take care of this for you, opting for a DIY clean is not that rare of a choice. Especially if you prepared well for this day, and can start as soon as movers begin taking the boxes out. See that you bring all the cleaning supplies with you to the new place, as you will have to do take care of that place as well.

A person cleaning a white surface
Cleaning the place you leave and the one you are moving to are just some of the moving tasks you need to take care of.

All these 5 emergency move tasks should not take much of your time, especially if you prepared on time. Still, try not to stress too much about it, as all will work out just fine.

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