3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Move Your Safe Yourself

When you move, you need to move all your belongings with you. While the minimalist lifestyle is gaining popularity, some items are still a must. No matter what valuables you are trying to keep safe, a safe is always a good solution. Owning a safe comes with many benefits, but moving it is not one of them. This specialty item is best handled by professionals like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas. But many people like to challenge themselves, especially with heavy items like a safe for example. But as strong and skilled as you think you are, we will give you 3 reasons why you shouldn’t try to move your safe yourself.

Why is a safe difficult to move?

We said in the introduction that a safe is a specialty item. These items are often heavy, oddly shaped, and/or fragile. But this often doesn’t matter since people try to do it without the help of the safe movers Las Vegas. No matter how much they get warned that you shouldn’t try to move your safe yourself, they will try to do it. If you are a person like this, we will hopefully discourage you from doing this endeavor yourself. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t do it are:

  • You can easily get injured
  • The safe can get damaged
  • You can damage your surroundings
Picture of a person with back pain
Injuries are one of the reasons why you shouldn’t try to move your safe yourself

Moving injuries

Moving injuries are a risk that you need to keep in mind when moving. A rushed move will increase the chances of this happening, and that is why hiring some emergency movers Las Vegas is a must in this case. Since a safe is heavy, improper lifting techniques will most likely result in back injuries. Even if you use these techniques, you might not have the proper equipment to do this. You need to keep your hands and feet protected at all times, in case of heavy items slipping and land on them.

The safe can get damaged

A safe is supposed to keep the items safe. But that doesn’t make the safe itself indestructible. A fall from a certain height can damage it, and fixing it can cost a lot. A few scratches on its surface won’t do much, but it will ruin its aesthetic, making it more difficult to sell. Many people decide to do this before moving with some moving services Las Vegas if they feel like it’s too much work to move with them.

Damaged surroundings

Even if you drop your safe, it will not always get damaged. But one thing that will is the surface that it falls on. No matter if you have wooden or tiled floors, it will leave a scratch in the best-case scenario. The same goes if you hit a wall with it. You can get it scratched or even make a big hole in it. All of these problems require time and money to be fixed, which you might not have.

Picture of a woman that didn't listed to the reasons why you shouldn't try to move your safe yourself
You can damage a lot of surfaces in your home with your safe

Conclusion on why you shouldn’t try to move your safe yourself

As you can see, you shouldn’t try to move your safe yourself. The risks are way higher than the benefits of doing it yourself. The only benefit that you could get is saving money, which you can do even if you hire professional movers. A little bit of invested time and effort goes a long way. We wish you good luck!

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