3 packing glassware tips you should remember

Packing is one of the most important tasks that you have to do when moving. The problem with it is not just about the time that you need to finish. It is also about the number of items that you have to relocate. Handling non-fragile items is easy. But, what about fragile items like glassware? It is crucial that you handle this the right way if you want to preserve it. That is why we wanted to help you out and give you some packing glassware tips that should help you in this process. Also, having an actual Las Vegas moving help is good because you will have fewer things to worry about. But, no matter which way you go, here is how to pack your glassware for the move!

Best packing glassware tips – have the right supplies for the job

If you want to preserve your glassware in the same condition, it is not all just about proper packing technique. You will have to use proper packing supplies that will help you out. They are here to do a better job. But, what are some of the packing supplies you may need?

  • durable moving boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • plastic paper
  • styrofoam
  • packing tape

Of course, some things may vary but this is the usual concept that you should follow. But, you cannot accept just any kind of supplies. You should opt for reliable movers in Pahrump NV that will give you everything that you need. The best thing about going with pros is that you can be sure that the supplies will be of the best quality.

Pack your glassware in the proper way

Now that you have all the packing supplies for the job, you can start the packing process. As we have mentioned, you will need moving boxes to place and pack all the glassware. But, we did not mention that there are special moving boxes for glasses that have separators for each glass. That will ensure that they stay in one place and do not move too much during the transport. Of course, before packing them, you should wrap them with a bubble pack. It will give them even more protection if the ride is too bumpy. After you finish everything and pack the glassware, you need to seal the boxes properly so that nothing comes out during the transport.

Label the boxes before loading them

Another packing glassware tip that you should know is the fact that you have to label the boxes after you are done with packing. Many people forget to do this and it can be a big mistake. Even though you have protected the glassware, that does not mean that it can’t break. By writing ‘fragile’ on the boxes, you will inform the movers to take care of those items and treat them accordingly.

markers in various colors - packing glassware tips
Always warn your helpers about glassware by labeling the boxes

Should you consider hiring movers when packing glassware?

Having movers to help you out is never a bad idea. They are professional and they know how to make sure that your items survive the transport. The great thing is that you will not move just your glassware. You probably have a ton of other stuff you have to move that may require special attention. For example, moving bulky items like hot tubs by yourself is not a good idea because there is a lot of room where you can make a mistake.

Opting for good hot tub movers Las Vegas will ensure that you have the best service possible. The great thing is that it does not mean that they will not handle your glassware properly. This just means that they have one more thing they specialize in. Not a bad way to handle a move, right?

two men holding boxes
Experienced movers can make your move a piece of cake


Our goal here was to give you the best packing glassware tips you can use for your relocation. You should know that preserving your items is the goal here and you should do everything in your power to make this happen. Tips located above should be enough to make this happen so be sure to follow them until you are done!

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